Less than two weeks until Election Day means less than two weeks until National Measurement Day! At INTRVL, we celebrate National Measurement Day as the official start of the post-election insights season. This is when campaigns, committees, and causes analyze their programs to answer the most important question: did my program work – and how do I do better next time?

By looking beyond delivery and direct response metrics like spend and impressions, INTRVL’s program measurement quantifies the effectiveness of the different tactics and strategies. This helps you answer the hard questions at the core of your work:

  • Did my program actually increase candidate support?
  • What effect did it have on turnout?
  • Which media platform drove the most impact – and which aren’t worth the money?
  • Where did my program create backlash?
  • What was the cost per net vote?

These types of insights help showcase your program’s actual impact for donors and stakeholders. They also help you plan better for the next campaign — making adjustments that raise the bar on performance again and again.

But can I still measure my program’s impact in this election?” — Yes you can!

INTRVL is still working daily with new clients to set up their post-campaign measurement programs. Using our advanced survey and modeling techniques, INTRVL can help you deploy a rigorous and insightful measurement plan even if you didn’t originally have one in mind. In addition, throughout the cycle we’ve been collecting data from voters across the country so we likely already have baseline data from the state your programs are running in.

Some may think measurement is only for expensive commercial campaigns or rigorous academic trials. The truth is that INTRVL works with clients big and small to generate program insights and recommendations at a reasonable price point for them.

It’s not too late to get started. To get a custom measurement plan for your program, click here to connect with the INTRVL team.

INTRVL helps campaigns turbocharge their ad performance with advanced media optimization and audience research tools. These tools generate insights based on how audiences actually see media in the wild, revealing optimization opportunities not possible in the controlled environment of online panels and typical creative pre-tests — unlocking 2-3X more effective ad buys without additional media spend.