Measuring Political Ad Effectiveness in Real Time Drives 200-300% Greater Persuasive Impact Without More Media Spend

How Democrats can win in 2022 was the topic as INTRVL CEO and co-founder, Steven McAlpine, joined The Great Battlefield Podcast. The conversation centered on how new advancements in media measurement and political tech are helping campaigns keep their edge in an increasingly competitive and costly midterm environment.

The reality is mid-flight media measurement can save you a lot of dollars because it maximizes the remaining spend you have,” INTRVL CEO Steven McAlpine said on the podcast. “INTRVL has seen 2-3X more impact when media is measured and optimized… If you’re spending one million dollars, imagine if that had two million dollars worth of impact because you learned how to use it better.”

The podcast explores INTRVL’s origin story, as a political tech start-up focused on addressing a gap in the market for cost-efficient, in-field media measurement. While media pre-testing has become commonplace for campaigns and PACs of all sizes, it doesn’t take into account the timing, frequency, or real-world conditions that affect media persuasion in the real world Going beyond clicks and views, INTRVL’s tools measure the effect media has on hearts and minds with actual exposed audiences, not just those in a closed environment. 

“Our tooling is really designed to have a frictionless experience for audiences.They can just click and then they’re done. It’s super easy,” explained McAlpine about INTRVL’s proprietary survey and modeling capabilities.

The Great Battlefield podcast is hosted by Nathaniel G. Pearlman, the founder of NGP Software (now known as NGP VAN), one of the leading technology providers to Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations.

INTRVL helps campaigns turbocharge their ad performance with advanced media optimization and audience research tools. These tools generate insights based on how audiences actually see media in the wild, revealing optimization opportunities not possible in the controlled environment of online panels and typical creative pre-tests — unlocking 2-3X more effective ad buys without additional media spend.

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